Monday, April 14, 2014

Big change for May's meeting!

In honor of our UFO challenge that is happening now.......(one UFO has been finished by a member)......I honor of the challenge and our "unveiling", Quilt Beginnings North will be judging and hosting our event at their store location in Dublin. Our meeting time will be the same May 28th, from 6:30-8:30. We will have the store's owner, Cathy and Store Manager, Jill giving us there wrap up on Quilt Market, happening earlier in the month.....what's up and coming, what products they are bringing in, etc. They will also be our judges and generously supplying prizes for the UFO's.

Please mark your calendars for this event! And when you go to the NQA show the week before our meeting please stop by their both, say hi and let them know how excited we are for them to host us! 

We will still be having our regular meeting in conjunction with Quilt Beginnings. This includes Dana's Reverse Applique Demo and  block Raffle Announcement! We'll also be nailing down details for our Charity Sew-In for June and July.
Lastly, in true Jaclyn style.......there will also be prizes for those who don't finish their UFO's..........Jaclyn prizes:)......not Quilt Beginning prizes. You've been warned:) and don't forget.......I have a list of the UFO's, so you can't hide in the corner and pretend you didn't enter the challenge.

Until then, I look forward to April's Meeting where we have Kathy Faus showing us curved piecing and Alli giving us a quick demo on machine binding. Don't forget to bring a fat quarter in for our fat quarter exchange! The only rules for the fat quarters are quilt store quality and modern....we are a modern quilt guild.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

April Bee Block

Hey Ladies,

Cynthia's bee block is up on our bee tab. Here also is the link:

Rolling Stones

And if you have any questions please contact Cynthia via facebook or here blog.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Meeting Next Thursday

Hey Ladies!

This month's meeting is next Thursday, March 27th. There was a little confusion over which month the meeting is Switching to a Wednesday and that is May. It is moved to May 28th. Same time and place. The side bar of the blog has the dates listed too. If any others change we will update it too! Or reap the consequences:).

Don't forget your UFO projects...more on what to bring as we get closer.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Minutes

Feb. 2014


Nicole, Karen, Dana, Ellen, Helen, Anne Marie, Cristin, Joanna, Ellen, Jaclyn, Ann, Nancy, June, Suzy, Katie, Cynthia, Joanna, Melissa, Vickie, Maria, Abbe, Andrea, Abby, Lauren, Kathy ,Janna

Sam and April from Sew to Speak

Fabric Substrates- branching beyond cotton.  When can you use other substrates for quilting?  Using wool and double guaze is very similar to using cotton.  People have used the double gauze, silk, corduroy, linen.  They mix different substrates. 

Voile can be quilted with.  Very high thread count and very thin.  They carry some that is 100% cotton.  Real is so light it is almost like a cheese cloth.  Lawn (SP?) is also what they are seeing, but calling it Voile

Suggested a solid white flannel as an interface.

Double Gauze.  Becomes very soft after you wash.  It washes the same.  It quilts nicely.  It doesn’t show sweat stains b/c it is so lightweight.

Chambry (SP?)- seeing a lot of it. 

Peppered Cotton- thicker and a tougher weave.  “Brilliant’ to quilt with.

Linen rayon would be amazing for quilting.  But maybe not as nice as the linen cotton.  Personal preference when choosing whether or not to change your needle.

Design trends: Metallic, Lizzy house pearl bracelets, subtle metallic

Animals in general, horses, whales, nautical,

Tribal (including Mexican, southwestern, African, santa fe)

Linen will be staying around- they are seeing a lot of trends with linen.

Their store is plans to remain both quilting and clothing.

Quilting cotton is still great for apparel, but think about how you are using.  Art Gallery makes an amazing line.

Most excited about in their shop that is up and coming: A new company- Cotton and steel; Spring Market; Classes

April’s Patterns- staple dress and date night pattern, top/dress.  April just started the adventure last March.  Her goal was to produce very simply patterns.  Most of her patterns you can make in about a day.


NQA update.  Need 4 total individual members if we are going to join.  If you are a member and willing- give to Jac.  We may put a cap on it by July and say if we don’t have enough members we may chose something else to put the money towards.

National Modern quilt guild.  Next Quilt Con is Fe.b 2015 in Austin. 

OH Craft.  Registration is now open (early).  6 person room is 184, Friday- Sunday.  It is in South Portsmouth this year.

UFO Challenge:  Next Month bring in your UFO, we will document them.   If you bring in more htan one, you have to get them all done, but can be entered more than once.

  1. cant e more than 20% of the way done
  2. If more than 20% of the way done, it has to be over 2 years

Prizes: we have a tub of donations for prizes.  As you destash if you want to bring stuff in, feel free.

Membership cards- after 3rd meeting you can have one, see Ann.

Quilt bee and block raffle.

Abbe is willing to take 2 inch pieces of fabric.

Joanna – Dabble and Stitch winter sale is going on. 

Show and Tell

Friday, February 21, 2014

January's Meeting Minutes

Dana, Joanna, Cristin, Jaclyn, Alli, Vicky, Melissa, Cathy, Barb, Stacey, Nancy, Kathy, June, Nicole, Ann, Janna, Annemarie

Introductions- name and favorite block

Guild Bee by Nicole
            Nicole worked on updating the list.  We will not be starting in January.  There are still 2 open spots.  Nicole will send out the instructions for her block in February, will make the block for that month, bring the single block for that month (so February for that month) to that meeting.  If a person wants a specific fabric, they need to provide that fabric for people to use.  Ie if Nicole wants Kona Gray, she needs to provide that to people.  She could instead state, please use a gray in the block.
NQA join-up
               $20 was collected previously.  We need around $49 total and we need 5 individual members to be able to join as a guild. 
We collected money – we have enough money to join.
2 people were present who are individual members.   

Vicky provided a handout 10 reasons to affiliate with NQA.  She spoke about the reasons she joined and volunteer
The quilt must be submitted by April 1, 2014 for this year’s show.  $30 to enter if you are not a member.  Binding Tip- make sure the binding in the bottom right corner is perfect b/c that is where they look.
Feb. 2 is the sign up date for classes.

Block Raffle
Next month we will have another raffle. 
Make the designated block, bring it to the Feb. meeting.  Everyone who brings one block  will be entered into the raffle, to a maximum of 2 entries
Block: The Converging Corners Block- 12 inch blocks
 Ann will put a link to the tutorial on the guild facebook page.
Monocrhomatic, any color.  Can be solids or prints that read as a solid.    The background (white in the picture) will be a neutral ie tan, white

James Stitching Sisters Quilting Day Saturday April 5

Demo on Half Square Triangles by AnneMarie

Talked about EQ7 and the woman who does training.  Gail charges $250 for sessions.  March 8-22 at 10AM.  The demo would begin at 9AM and costs 2 canned goods.  A total of 10 people can join. 

The agenda for the year was developed.  Goal is to have a demo at every meeting. 
Feb. Raffle blocks, demo, challenge to be announced for UFO
March Demo, Sew Ins announced, Fabric Swap
April Swap
May Block Raffle, UFO challenge due
June Sew In – will do a sew in for charity – James Stitching Sisters
July Sew In
August Demo, Block Raffle, Swap
September Return Swap, Demo
October- Birthday Party and plan for secret santa
November- Demo, sign up for holiday party
December- Party

If anyone wants to do a demo, please tell Jacqlyn or talk about a topic, please let Ann know.

Snow Weather policy- if the library closes, we will cancel.  Please check the library to determine if they are open or closed in inclement weather.

Show and tell

March Bee Block

Jana's March Bee Block:

So, I am going to do this slightly differently than Nicole.  One thing I found through the guild is that it challenges me to try new and different things.  So, for March, I want you to try a block that you have wanted to try and haven’t or your favorite block. Please  make the block size be 12x12.

For colors, I want the background/negative space to be white, black, or gray (patterns are fine, I just want the overall look to be one of those colors).  I would like the rest of the block to be one color (again patterns, shades, scrappiness, etc are fine).  Please do not select brown as the color.   

Monday, February 17, 2014

EQ7 Workshop Coming Up in Columbus!

Interested in Learning How to Use EQ7?
Members of Columbus Modern Quilt Guild are scheduling two classes with Electric Quilt teacher, Gail Wadley. The first 3-hour session will be on March 8 at 10:00 in Worthington. The second will be on March 22 at the same time.
If you don't have EQ and would like to give it a try, Gail has a temporary version that you can load on your laptop.

For more information or if you have any questions, just email Barb at Thanks!